Amberlight Wellness

Your Treatment Plan

We offer individualized treatment schedule depending on your health status and your health goals. Quantity and frequency are based on the severity and duration of the symptoms.

Mild conditions: 1 treatment a week for 3-6 weeks

Moderate conditions: 1-2 treatments a week or 3-12 weeks

Severe conditions: 2 treatments a week for 6-12+ weeks

Acute or Short Duration conditions: 2 treatments a week for 2-6 weeks

Chronic conditions or Long duration: 1 treatment a week for 12-24+ weeks

Every patient has unique circumstances, based on a particular lifestyle, nutrition, physical activities, work schedule and load, social interactions and responsibilities, and sleep habits. Also there are genetic, environmental and emotional factors. Combined together that influence how you and your body will respond to acupuncture or other healing modalities we use. Majority of patients had a very good experience, but it is a nature of medicine, that few might receive very small benefit.